The Essentials of Shooting Mouthwatering Food Photography

Photographing food is vital for food bloggers and chefs. You want to show off the food that you are eating or making, attracting more people to you and what you have to say. What everyone needs to keep in mind during this is that the appearance of the food matters. How something looks can affect the way that people feel about the dish, even before they try it. If you want to appeal to the largest audience possible, and if you want people to crave your food from the shots, then you need to put the time and effort into creating the perfect photos of the food.

Miniature Food - Sushi

You should first concern yourself with understanding the food itself. One of the biggest food photography essentials is getting the shot just right, which means that you have to take it at the exact time when it is most delectable. This requires an understanding of the food and the time it takes for it to look good. Try to look at the food and see when it looks its best. Once you figure out when the photo should be taken, set everything up and have the food made. If you cannot get the timing right, see what can be added to make it look better. Remember, it is about having the mouthwatering appearance, not taste. While some methods of improving the shot may not work with the flavor, it is really about how it appeals to the stomachs and minds of your customers.


Balance is important in a shot. You want a good balance of colors so that the shot is interesting. When your customers look at the photo of your food, you want them to imagine themselves eating it. When you use bright and interesting colors, you will be able to make everything far more intriguing than it would have been otherwise. This will make it a lot easier for you to grab the attention of your customers and to make them hungry enough to go visit you.

Raw food Chili con Cacao

Try to add more to a shot without making it overly complicated. You want this to tell a story, to have life in it. This means that you need more than the food itself and a simple shot. While that might work in some cases, it should not be your go to forever. You want there to be a mix and you want this to have emotion in it. A good photograph of food shows a full meal, the food itself, and the life behind the food. It will make it possible for you to bring warmth and creativity to your dishes that will make people want to eat with you.

Food Pyramid - Veggies

Learning the food photography essentials is about understanding the food and the art. You want it to be delicious for the eyes before it is for the stomach, you want it to have a balance of difference colors, and you want it to tell a full story. Doing all of this will keep people interested and it will make people want to go to you for food.

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