Get Paid For Your Photos

Food photography is an emerging business but not everyone is a pro in it. If you wish to make a few bucks by selling pictures of amazing food then you have to know the secret food photography tips to guide you along the way. These tips will help you to be a professional food photographer and make a nice living out of it.

Lunch at Hue Cafe

Styling your Food
The first food photography tip is right styling of your food. As we have heard a million times, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, same is the case with the picture of a food.

Maoz Falafel

A good professional food photographer can make even the simplest of salads look so beautiful that it would seem tastier in the mind of the person who is watching its photo. Some common food photography tips on styling include: 1) Using simple culinary so that the focus is on the food and not the plate or bowl. 2) Taking the picture from the right position, for example: if you are photographing a burger make sure that the actual burger is showing in the photo and is not hiding behind a thick layer of lettuce.  3)  Lastly, give beautiful garnishing so that your food appears attractive.

Good Food always comes in small doses

Lighting around the Food
The secret behind any good picture is appropriate lighting. The two things that you should avoid while lighting your food for photography are highlights and harsh shadows. The perfect setting would be naturally reflecting light in a shaded area. If you think you need artificial lights then you can use large soft boxes or umbrellas.


The most important food photography tip related to lighting is preventing light to directly fall on your food. This gives a very flat image which has no texture whatsoever. Lighting from side is most appropriate and brings life to the textures and the minute details in the food.

Deciding the Angle
The last thing that you have to take care of while photographing your food is deciding the right angle. You can shoot the food from any angle you want, it would depend upon the kind of food you are photographing.
You can shoot it from top or from across or from any other angle you deem fit.  For food items like soup or noodles the angle should be from top while for detailed food items like sandwiches or burgers you should try photographing from the side.


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