Food Styling

With a little bit of creativity you can make your food look mouth-watering. The trick behind photographing delicious food lies behind simplicity and planning. There are a few food photography tips which would help you shoot great pictures of the food cooked by you.


Helpful food photography tips:

  1. The first tip is choosing fresh ingredients. If you are using vegetables that are wrinkled, damaged or scarred then use fresh vegetables for your food item. Or if you don’t have fresh stocks then photograph it in such a way that the bad part is concealed. Food items are photographed closely therefore it is important that you fresh ingredients.
  2. Back-lighting is the best lighting setting while clicking pictures of food items. Food items look especially delicious when steam is coming out of it, making it look for delicious than ever. Steam or smoke shows up nicely in a picture if lighting is provided from backside.

    Bulleit Lunch

  3. The third food photography tip is SIMPLICITY. Simplicity is attractive. So make sure that you use plain cutlery so that the focus falls on the food. Also remove unwanted items from around the food. Keep your cooked delicacy on a simple and clean table. The cutlery used by you should be non-pattered. Props and garnishing are nice but only up to extent where they don’t steal the show. Always remember that the main food item should be the center of attention.

    Fruit tarts in a pastry shop in Cambridge

  4. Use of props is another great addition. But make sure you keep it simple. You can put a few attractive raw ingredients in a beautiful manner around your cooked dish. For example you can use designer cut tomato or lettuce around a sandwich. Make sure you keep just one serving while photographing your food item.


  5. If you are photographing pictures for your cookbook, then doing a series of pictures showing various stages of cooking is a very good idea. If garnishing plays an important role in your dish then you can do before and after shots to show what a major difference a little decoration can make.


  6. Another important food photography tip is using clean and tidy cutlery for the photographs.
  7. The last and the most important food photography tips is addition of the human element. Clicking a picture of a soup with hand stirring it and hot steam coming out of it, gives it more life than just a bowl of soup sitting on a counter top.

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